Essien – It was a hard game, but I played quite well……

The Ghana star Michael Essien has exploded back into the Chelsea team after missing most of last season, and capped his return with two goals against West Ham on Saturday.

He thinks he played okay…..”I think I attacked the ball really well and I managed to get two goals from it,” Essien said.

“It was quite a difficult game for us but we got our heads down, we worked together as a team and we deserved the three points.

“We tried to win the first ball and keep control of the game and that is what we did in the first-half.

“West Ham did change their formation in the second half and maybe we relaxed a little bit and dropped the tempo, but we defended really well and then caught them on the counter attack for the third goal.”

Modesty is a very good trait for a brilliant footballer to have…..

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