Essien may miss game against Drogba's Ivory Coast

Although the shooting incident lead to the withdrawal of Togo from the African Cup of Nations, hence Ghana not playing on Monday, Michael Essien could still be out of their game vs Cote d’Ivoire on Friday.

Essien is still in London as the snow forced his flight on Sunday to be canceled. Now he is expected to arrive in Angola on Wednesday, but having not trained with the team he will probably be watching rather than playing.

“Essien was unable to make it out of London on Sunday,” said a Ghanaian FA spokesman.

“The bad weather (snow) prevented him from doing so as some flights were canceled.

“We are still in touch and he is now booked to arrive on Wednesday.”

Cote d’Ivoire drew goalless to Burkina Faso in their respective opening game on Monday, and with the group reduced to 3 squads they must win over Ghana to guarantee a place in the final 8. Should they fail to win, Drogba and company could be sent home prematurely, depending on the outcome of Ghana vs Burkina Faso.

In fact if Burkina Faso get a result against Ghana then we are certain to get at elast one player back sooner than we anticipated.

All i can say is come on Burkina Faso, we want our boys back

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