Everton Snub Chelsea Interest In Star Midfielder

Amid reports of possible interest from Chelsea for Everton’s defensive midfielder Jack Rodwell, club manager David Moyes snubbed the possibility for Rodwell to join Chelsea saying that Everton is not a club who prepares football players to join big clubs.

The manager admitted that even though Everton let some players go in the past, that’s not the club policy and he does what he can to stop them from going.

“We don’t want to be seen as a club which is preparing players for other clubs. I don’t, certainly.

“David Moyes wants to be making sure that we have a team that is competing but obviously the players want to be successful, they want to be winning things and playing in teams that are winning games, and that’s always something I need to consider as well.

“We have tried not to be that [a selling club] but times have changed, finances have changed, Everton’s stature has grown and we now have players that are good enough for the top teams.

“Maybe in the past there weren’t players at Everton who were good enough for the top teams but I think Everton have that now.

“My job has been not to sell the best players. When I came in I said that we might not have much to spend but we don’t want to get rid of our better players because I don’t think that’s right.

“There was a bit of speculation about Jack in the summer as well. Nothing came of it and I’m just looking at this one as a similar sort of speculation. Hopefully, nothing will come of this either.

“His development here has been good, he came on the scene very early but overall I will always think that players are better served being at Everton.”

The Liverpool side sold Arteta in the summer but managed a great thing by signing Fellainy on a lengthy contract after reports linking him to Real Madrid or other big clubs have appeared. It looks like Moyes is trying to get his players ready to attack the Premiership once again and perhaps Everton will recover part of the lost glory.

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  1. Alampo says

    Pls moyes i beg u in the name of God. pls let him come to chelsea. Thanks.

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