Ferguson – It's a crazy game, Wigan might do us a favour!

The Man Utd manager Sir Alex Ferguson saw his team beat Sunderland to remain one point behind the league leaders Chelsea, and admitted that he could only hope that Wigan did them a favour next week by beating Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

“We just have to get on with it.” said Ferguson. “We will play our game and you never know what can happen. If we do our job right, at least we will stretch it out. All we can do is win against Stoke and we want to do that, in front of our fans in the last game of the season.

“You never know … football is a crazy game. I wouldn’t insult Wigan in any shape or form because they are a really good football team and they will have a go. Manchester City did us a great turn by beating Chelsea twice and Wigan are another neighbour but, listen, we know we are clutching at straws a little bit.

“The important thing is for us to win our game and enjoy it. We will play the right way and with dignity in our game. The fight goes on. We have stretched it out for another week and that is what we wanted to do.”

He also admitted his disappointment in the way Steven Gerrard handed Chelsea the lead, as he was really hoping that Liverpool would get something out of the game.

“Liverpool had a hard game on Thursday. They’ve lost 19 games this season so maybe we were asking too much of them to get a result. It was always going to be a difficult job against Chelsea. But it’s not what we wanted, that’s for sure.

“I thought Liverpool would do something, but I suppose it’s hard to expect them to win against Chelsea. It can happen and I’m sure Gerrard will regret it, but there is nothing we can do about it. We can’t win everything.”

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