Five players that Ancelotti should sell this summer

Chelsea are now odds on to do the famous Double for the first time in their history , but the team is definitely getting on as the average age goes up every year.

Obviously you need experience in a team to win major trophies, but aren’t there a few players that you would like to be replaced by some skilled youngsters for next seasons assault on the Champions League?

My first choice will have to be Paola Ferreira. Yes he had a good game against United, but seriously he wouldn’t have got a game if we hadn’t had so many defensive injuries. Is he likely to get a game next season?

Second on my list may upset a Chelsea fans, but i seriously think Deco is way past his best. Ancelotti seems very keen on him, but he gives away far too many balls for my liking, and can’t last the pace of a Premiership match for more than an hour.

Thirdly is the obvious one. Hilario. He has covered adequately in the times that Petr Cech has been out injured, but I can’t help but worry when he is on the pitch. It seems we also have to score an extra goal when he is around. And don’t get me started on Daniel Sturridge. He frightens the life out of me, but having youth on his side gives him a chance to improve. But he’s not nowhere near good enough yet. A top class substitute for Cech is needed now.

Fourth is the great Chelsea servant Ricardo Carvalho. He has come back from the dead this year, but he is only ever going to be a bit part player by next season. For his own good (and Chelsea’s!), he should move back home to Portugal this summer.

Lastly I think it is time for the great Sulky one himself to move on. Nicolas Anelka hates being a bit part player behind Drogba, and although he does the occasional good pass when Didier is on the field, he just doesn’t have the confidence to score unless he is top dog down the centre. He needs too many chances before he puts it in the back of the net.

So who agrees with that lot. Or would you rather suggest your own five?

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  1. JAFFA says

    I agree with all those except Anelka – I think he works hard and can still be a game winner.

    I would add Ballack to the list instead of Anelka.

    I think Sturridge should be given more game time too.

  2. cfcthroughandthrough says

    my list of players i would sell are:

    * Hilario
    * Belleti
    * Ferreira
    * Deco
    * Ballack

  3. George says

    My list…


    All just getting near their best before date.

    There is no 5th one on my list.

  4. spliton210 says

    Carvalho, Ferriera, Deco, Ballack and Drogba

    Yes I know the last one is controversial, but we do VERY nicely without him, we’ve a couple of very talented strikers coming through. Lets cash in on the Drog – bring in a right sided Malouda 🙂

  5. JIm Jones says

    My list goes like this


    Than I would sign Pato & David Villa only if we sell drogba & anelka

  6. Kun syiar says

    My list :-
    bring in on marko marin to replace deco, and give kakuta a chance to show his worth 🙂

  7. kwaku Dadzie says

    Joe Cole
    Joe Cole
    Joe Cole
    Joe Cole
    Joe Cole

  8. kenedy says

    drogba goes, and chelsea goes. Sell Anelka, and find a new partner for drogb. my list, including anelka:
    Calvaho, Balack, Deco, Hilario

  9. samson akinyemi says

    well as for me i would rather prefer these following players to be replaced next season
    joe cole

  10. Patrick Kaganzi says

    I think selling Drogba would be suicide. However the players to sell in my view would be:
    1. Anelka to create room for young talent
    2. Hilario
    3. Ballack for he is getting too old
    4. Deco since he has outgrown his usefulness
    5. Belleti who seems not to have serious effect on the team & give room for new comers.

  11. joe says

    joe cole
    belleti is not getting any game time because he is just not the type of player we need so i say sell him

  12. joseph says

    MY LIST OF 5!
    4.JOE COLE

  13. serage says

    My List of Five!

    1. Ballack
    2. Deco
    3. Kalou

  14. sumanlama says

    Anelka is no.1 useless.AS soon soon possible sell him.Rest of 4 are:-
    3)Jeo cole

  15. Vash Jezek says

    I think that i mostly agree with ur top 5 m8. 🙂 We do need a top class keeper at least as good as Jaaskelinen or sumet to b put as a substitute behind Cech.
    But my top 5 are.
    1.Ferreira, a mean he plays well when he gets played mostly but with Bosingwa ready to return and Ivanovic in such great form i think its better for him to go :/.
    2.Kalou, because when he plays sometimes i see him doing things alone, being greedy when he could ave passed and we could ave maybe gotten sumet out of it !
    3.Hilario for definate, like a sed we need a top class keeper tht is one of the best behind Cech, no one will frankly b like our Big Pete but we do need sum1 tht is good enough to b his understudy. Ochoa maybe xD.
    4.Carvalho, he tryes a lot and gives his all but he slips up 2 many times ! causing ptoblems not comunicating with Petr. And hed rather get sent of to prevent a goal when tht then leads to even more problems :/.
    5. I am not sure because Deco does create the chances we need all of the time when he plays hes a bit like Frank Lampard with that great vision and predictability but he does lack the pase !

  16. A person says

    Daniel Sturridge,Paulo Ferreira,Anelka(MUST SELL),

    No Pato,No Kaka.NO midfielders as well.We can play 4-5-1(since we have so much midfielders),or 4-4-2.Lampard can plays striker in the second case.

    Midfield are all talents,so no.
    I don’t think Deco,Joe Cole and Ballack would be sold.
    Ancelotti prefers Ballack in centre position,he favours Deco and Joe Cole is picking up after his low-form.

  17. Mandeep Singh says


    joe cole
    di santo


    james milner
    yaya toure
    david luiz

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