Five Reasons Why Fernando Torres is Likely To Join Chelsea

After Chelsea were knocked out of Champions League by Inter Milan, reports started to emerge that the Blues were going to overhaul the team this summer, and it certainly looks like there are going to be widespread changes.

It has already been reported that some of the current Chelsea players are going out the exit door at Stamford Bridge. According to the reports those are Deco, Ferriera, Belletti, Carvalho and maybe Joe Cole.

The players that are most tipped to be welcomed at Stamford Bridge include Sergio Aguero, Franck Ribery, David Villa, Fernando Torres, Angel Di Maria and surprisingly Bastian Schweinsteiger. But lets face the reality folks!.. No more than 2 of above mentioned players will be coming to Chelsea.

For me Torres is most likely to join us because of following reasons.

1. Young Talent – the most important need of the hour for Chelsea is that they need to sign young and promising players, because day by day the squad is getting older and older, and is making it difficult for us to compete with young squad of Arsenal and other teams.

2. He has Premier League Experience – This is one of the most important reasons that Chelsea will sign him. because the players who are used to the Premier league are much more preferable over those who haven’t played here (remember what happened with Shevchenko).

3. Less Likely To Join Other Clubs – The other clubs who can compete us in signing of Torres have their own misgivings, such as Torres is ex-Atletico player so he is less likely to join Real Madrid. Barca already have signed Zlatan Ibrahamovich for huge money so they will be least interested to sign Torres. Man Utd are going through their own financial worries so they also might not be interested in signing him. As for Man City, they already have half-a-dozen strikers in their artillery so unless Torres takes a mad decision to sign for them he is unlikely to be guaranteed first team football.

4. Liverpool’s Trophy Drought – Going season after season without winning a single trophy is not the key to hold your such prestigious talent. Torres is world class striker so he deserves to be in the team who wins the trophies. and this guy will also be hoping to become a part of winning team.

5. Liverpool’s Financial Troubles – The Scousers already have huge amount of debt on their head so they will not be actively present in the transfer market and need to reduce their wage bill. They might need to sell their most highest earning players , and Torres is one of them. With the current economic situation Chelsea are likely to be the only team (other than bottomless purse Man City) to satisfy their transfer demands. If Chelsea make a sizeable bid with substantial money then the Liverpool owners would be unable to resist the chance to reduce their debt.

So as the things stand Torres has every chance of joining the Blues next season.

Author: Malhaar Kale

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  1. RafaTheRed says

    …….Infinite Monkey strikes again!!!!


  2. Casper says

    Given Torres’ class, he would be first team in Man City no doubt. I’d still want him at Chelsea though.

  3. GJ says

    Firstly, the title should be ‘5 Reasons why Chelsea want Torres.’

    “Torres is world class striker so he deserves to be in the team who wins the trophies. and this guy will also be hoping to become a part of winning team.”

    Players like Torres don’t join teams that win, they join teams and make them win.

    As far as debt is concerned, it’ll get sorted out as soon as new owners enter the scene.

    Now 5 Reasons why Torres would not join Chelsea :

    1. Liverpool. His armband said ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’.
    2. Rafa. He made it clear last month his willingness to stay if the Spaniard also stays.
    3. Unlike Owen and Tevez, he would not join rivals (like Man Utd). And having already declared that he would not ever join another English Team, chances are slim.
    4. Would you sell Lampard or Drogba? They why would LFC sell Torres?
    5. Aguero has already agreed terms with Chelsea. So with him and Drogba and Anelka, Torres won’t come.


  4. bLUE says

    5 Reasons why he will leave liverpool for chelsea

    1. He had already made it clear that he will leave liv if they dont get into champions league

    2. With the team they have now its unlikely for them even to win a community shield. So its better not to waste his talent at liv.

    3. One man doesnt make a great team, whatever his armband says. He needs players of chelsea’s quality to support him. No offence. LFC was good.. But that was then.

    4. With the money chelsea can offer, even gerrard could join chelsea. Not that chelsea needs him. Torres was an athletico supporter from childhood, not liverpool. You are passionate about Liverpool because you supported the team from childhood. But Torres didn’t.
    If you were a chelsea player and supported liverpool, and had an offer to join united for double the wage would you go?. Yeah you would. Thats where the money comes in. I agree someone as passionate as gerrard might not leave LFC. But Torres might!

    5. And the reason LFC would sell Torres is that at the end of the day its only business for the owners. And the amount of debt they are in now means there is no other option. Or someone like abramovich or somone from the middle east should take over. And since that looks unlikely before next season.


  5. essexblue says

    Torres the Spanish Ladyboy ponce can stay and rot with ickle Steeevie Gerrard. They can devote their dead end careers to the fat Spanish waiter. They deserve eachother. Chelsea have taken over from Liverpool who are ANCIENT HISTORY. We have been the biggest winners of all in the last 5 years with 3 Premiership titles & 3 FA Cups, making our own history complete with the DOUBLE! We will land Pato but would prefer David Villa. Dont really need anyone & will win all trophies next season. WE HAVE ANCELELOTTI.

  6. hailu desta says

    i am the supporter of chelsea and i like torres among strikers so i am very happy if chelsea bring torres
    so please chelsea bring this star guy thank you
    i am hailu desta from alemaya university, ethiopia

  7. hailu desta says

    abramovich please bring alot of stars including kaka thank you

  8. Pete says

    Too injury prone, and too much of a wimp for the EPL. No thanks, Liverpool can keep him. We only have men at chelsea.

  9. Dious says

    Honestly, the chances are slim and I think even we Chelsea fans know that

    With that said, some of your reasons are correct and IF he did leave, it would be to us for most of what you said

    We would not be out-bid, we are in the CLeague, and we are winners

  10. JOJO says

    Hahaha.comedy?nice.chelsea talking about liverpool?its like a rich donkey talking about an unicorn.we gave u the chance to win the league remember?ancient history?hahaha.try to beat our history sure it will take u 15years or more to beat our league title.and maybe another 50years to win 5 champion leagues.arrogant but really total idiots.thats what chelsea fans are.u think that just by buying el nino chelsea can win?we the reds dont care.its bout liverpool football club.the greatest.always.suck that

  11. Dee Boy says

    Well as Chelsea we are present as they are winning their titles. Talk about the 15 titles, where you there to enjoy the winnings? Dont talk about history we are in the present and Chelsea is happening hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaha!

  12. Edgarkays says

    Liverpool have a great history but a poor recent history, winning the league back when it was much easier to do than it is now. Your hatred towards chelseafc and chelsea fans is basically jealousy and envy because you havent won anything recently and are about to lose Torres if not to chelsea then to someone else. We beat you quite comfortably home and away this season and we’ll do it again next season and the one after that too with Torres this time hahaha

  13. Scoobsie says

    Pah! I say “Bambookoo” to your blood relatives. Verily, you know nothing about the substantialness of the desire of Torres, a man who likens himself to a loyal husband living with an ugly wife. The beautiful woman in the next village desires him muchly, and promises delights to make his blood hasten in his regal veinage. Should he stay with his hogly wife or make haste to the arms of the siren in the next village, keeping his hubcaps in the process? That, my friends, is a question that even the youngest of scholars will spend no time ponderating!

  14. Rastafari says

    JOJO, please! I think it is about time that you return to reality OUT OF YOUR COMATOSE state. ‘we gave u the chance to win the league’, PLEASE. I don’t need to go into RECORD BREAKING/SETTING, do I?I supposed you gave us those records as well.

    Let me go and watch the paint dry on the wall, even that have more excitement than your complex.

  15. man cityfan says

    torres is a lazy striker man city will not sign torres because he is a waste os good money there for i am sure man city will jion the race to sign newcastle andy carrol
    i would sujest the same to chelsea fc

  16. liverpool fan says

    i dont care if torres leaves he is to lazy he deos not desver to play for any team i will be happy if we liverpool get anlka

  17. Pablo says

    LOL, aaanddd… as predicted he left Liverpool to join Chelsea!

  18. marty says

    And he plays so well in there :DD thx for 50M.

    andy+suarez > torres

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