Frank Lampard flew to Serbia for "miracle cure" and left after an hour!

The Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard was the latest Premiership player to fly all the way to Serbia for a course of treatment with the controversial “placenta” doctor Marijana Kovacevic, but left after just an hour in the clinic.

Frank had heard all the rave reports about her miracle cure and he decided to take a visit. But, as he was a little sceptical, he took along the club doctor Bryan English so he could give his medical opinion of the treatment.

After examining Lampard’s leg, Kovacevic said that he would need the three two-hour sessions spread over three days to effect her cure, but Dr. English and Frank decided to reject her offer, and instead got on the next plane back to England!

Maybe it was the thought of the placenta that put him off!

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  1. Ernest Don Sparkle Ahenful says

    i really hope ma team will beat this Arsenal team so that they will know they can not beat us by 2 to 3 goals magine ok

  2. Ena says

    What a load of ungrateful bull! He was desperate enough to fly to Serbia in the first place, one week after he is fit to play, and now we are served this crap?
    If I was that Dr Kovacevic I wouldn’t treat any Premier League player anymore – obviously she only has problems because of it, and it’s not that she is lacking willing patients anyway…

  3. Carmen says

    What a waste of time. Why fly over there in the first place if you are gonna leave after 1 hour.

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