Frank Lampard praises the mentality of Italian coaches

Frank Lampard is very impressed with Carlo Ancelotti’s training methods, and has been comparing them to Fabio Capello’s schedule at England sessions.

Under Capello, England have won 7 out of 7 so far in the World Cup Qualifying campaign, and Lampard believes that is down to the Italian win-at-all-cost way of playing.

He was asked how he rated his two Italians:

“Most importantly they have the winning mentality,” he said. “That’s why they have won big trophies in their careers. ‘Must win’ is the only way for them and they don’t accept slacking off in games or training.

“Modern football is a lot about winning the ball back quickly and both managers train us to do that – it’s a very Italian trait.”

“They like to work hard and press the opposition when they’ve got the ball. They prioritise defending well right through the team,” said Lampard.

“One of the things we needed in English football was to learn the importance of being a difficult team to beat. That is the foundation stone and you build everything else on top.”

Wouldn’t it be a dream if Chelsea could start winning all their games. Too often we have seen the team dominate their opponents but fail to kill them off. Hopefully that will all change this season under Ancelotti. At least Frank seems to think so!

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