Frank – today the Premiership, tomorrow the WORLD!!!

Frank Lampard has given up answering questions about whether Chelsea will win the Premiership this season, and now says that England are going to win the World Cup.

But he makes a schoolboy error in his statement, which could be good enough to go in a book of bloomers!

He was asked by Sky Sports: “Do you think England will win the World Cup?” and he replied with a very sensible statement. He said: “I’m wary of falling into the trap where people ask if you can win it, you say you can, and then expectations rise,”

But Frank wouldn’t fall into that trap would he? Oh yes he would! He went on to disagree with himself: “Of course we can win it, though. We are playing as well as we have done for a long time and there is a real confidence and togetherness about the group.”

So there you go Frank, raising expectations!

But then he went on to speak a bit of sense, and named Italy and Spain as the dangers, just in case England set their sites too high. He said: “They (Italy) are always there or thereabouts so they will be one of the teams to beat,” he added.

“On current form Spain seem to be THE team to beat, with the players and individuals they have.

“But a lot can change in a year and that’s what tournaments are all about. It’s all about arriving there in the right shape, mentally and physically.”

“One of the things we needed in English football was to learn the importance of being a difficult team to beat,”

“That is the foundation stone and you build everything else on top.”

Very sensible Frankie, that’s more the sort of thing the fans want to here. Positivity, but not making rash predictions!

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