Gary Neville talking rubbish about Chelsea again

Poor old Gary Neville must be as glad as hell that he made a career in football otherwise it is hard to see how he would have managed to get a job anywhere considering how dumb he is.

His latest idiotic statement is that Man Utd have the title in their own hands.

Now any mathematician aged eight or over would tell you that the team on top leading by two points having played the same amount games as the second placed team are actually the team that have it in their own hands.

But that did not stop Neville spouting off saying

“It is in our hands now and it has not been like that for a while.

“Chelsea have to come here and that is where we want to be. We want to win our home games.”

Silly man, makes no difference who is at home or away, it all depends on the points and whilever we can draw against them but they must beat us then we hold the advantage.

But we have always known Neville is a bit simple so this is nothing out of the ordinary.

Editor statement

An error was made in this article and corrected and we apologise for this, the article was not as researched as it should have been and we will work to ensure that there is no repeat of this sort of mistake again.

  1. kamati mikael says

    Gary neville. is a fortune you are still playng.your days are numbered in the pitch yard old bone.

  2. Lafua Ufuoma kerryn says

    Neville havent say anytyn stupid. Bcos chelsea wil meet them in dere home & dat is goin 2 b clash of d titers.but i believe carlo,he knws d players 2 use against united dat wil bring abt chelsea victory on dat’s goin 2 b a difficult game but chelsea wil comes out 4 lyf.gr8 team,gr8 result


    I neva taught of 1day quitin being a chelsea fan cos iii luvvv dis club.Hence,dey make me a 4 oldnevile y botha about him wen he neva plays.

  4. Easie says

    I dont blame Gary, if chelsea had won their match against Hull city, the aged right back won’t be saying what u guys call RUBBISH!

  5. Joe says

    I think you’ll find, seeing as you have even quoted him as saying it, that the rat faced turd that is Gary Neville actually said:

    “It is in our hands now and it has NOT been like that for a while”

    The important bit in there is the word NOT! It has NOT been like that for a while. NOT.

    I thought the article was quite poor but then I saw the comments underneath!!! Speechless. Just burn the whole internet down now!

    Joe, Chelsea fan.

  6. Samuel Egege says

    I’ld say there was a mistake when my article writer noted that neville would go jobless if not for soccer,i think since his dumb he would rather suit on a job of road begging with kids,maybe not just him believes that chelsea would be beaten at old trafford,maybe fergie is the ideal impacter,but all am telling united’s crew is that there 2points adriftment behind us would surely lenghten itself to 5,6 or even 7 before the old trafford showdown,then they would stil play to remain behind the team to beat.

  7. blueblood says

    this was said before our game and he was indeed quoted as saying ‘not’ so the article is a bit flawed.Write about how great the game was & what was the main thing carlo got right,forget neville’ bickering.I was nervous before the game but the boys completely blown my expectations.We defended typically ‘italian’ maybe not pretty on the eye but who gives a shit?! Thats what we need against Inter Keep it up boys!

  8. Kabo onyeka says

    4get abt dat old fool,is like he has 4goten anelka his terror,leeds,villa and others has done it so wil we do like wise,blues 4 eva n eva



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