Ghana coach explains Essien absence from national team

The coach of the Ghana national team has explained the reasons why he agreed to leave Michael Essien out of the team for next weeks matches, and says that it was an amicable arrangement.

“As you know with Michael he has had two very serious injuries both with the national team in the last two years. It affected him a lot,” he said.

“Whenever he was available he gave his best. Now he wants to concentrate on his club and we all need to understand that and I am sure after sometime he will come back to the national team and when we need him most he will be there to lead the team the way he knows.”

“Michael contacted me after I decided on the list for the game against Swaziland and wanted to ask permission to be excused for a while,” added Rajevac.

“He didn’t bring this decision only by himself. I understood his thoughts and of course I want to help him to get into his old form, to start playing regularly and I gave that permission.

“I am sure he will come back to the national team early next year and when we need him the most,”

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