Harry Redknapp – Joe Cole went to Liverpool for the money!

The Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp has revealed today that he believed that he had an agreement with Joe Cole that he would join Tottenham before the ex-Chelsea star went to the World Cup, but he changed his mind at the last minute when he was offered more money by Liverpool!

“We are disappointed to miss out on Joe Cole because he was a great free transfer – he must have had a better offer from Liverpool,” Redknapp said.

“I spoke to him a month ago and I thought he was coming here. He wanted to come to Tottenham.

“He had made his mind up – I had no doubt about that. But a month went by and Liverpool moved in.”

But Harry still believes that Spurs can still challenge for the title, even without Cole. “I feel we could contend for the title; we have got the players here,” Redknapp continued. “We have to aim for it. We could win the championship.

“Last year, we went in saying we wanted to finish in the top four and if you don’t aim for things, you have no chance.”

To be honest, I thought he would go to Tottenham as well Harry!

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  1. Aaron says

    Aren’t Chelski mainly to blame for the mercenary culture in English football? How much did you pay the likes of Cashley Cole? Ballack? Shevchenko? Bosingwa? Crespo and so on to join you over offers from bigger clubs? Move on, Chelski under Abramovich ruined the English game and bought hollow success with all the Russian’s money. Your wage bill is far and away the largest in the league, and you can’t afford it, how much losses do you make every year? That the Russian has to write off for you? Still no European Cup? awww diddums.

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