Harry Redknapp to take over at Chelsea?

There is a shocking report out this morning that claims that Roman Abramovich is seriously considering bringing in the Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp as the full-time replacement for Andre Villas-Boas.

Although Roberto Di Matteo did everything possible to earn a permanent contract, it seems that the silence from the Chelsea board is an indication that there will be no new contract forthcoming, which leads to even more speculation.

Pep Guardiola has already said that he wants a year sabbatical from managing although Abramovich is reportedly trying to persuade him otherwise, but the Star reports today that Redknapp is being considered as a viable replacement.

Daniel Levy was considering a multimillion offer for Redknapp to stay for another four years, but Tottenham’s spectacular collapse at the end of the season has made the Spurs chairman to reconsider his options.

Missing out on the Champions League has been a big blow for Levy, and Redknapp is now seeking assurances that he still has the full confidence of the owner of he may consider resigning from his post and make himself available for the Chelsea job.

Are there any Chelsea fans that would be happy with Redknapp? Coz i certainly wouldn’t!

  1. Dammy says

    I’m not happy about that @ all

  2. Yormi says

    No way thats gonna happen…i dont like him….give the job to RDM cos he has a good luck all over him

  3. soludo says

    RDM is fans’ choice, Pep is Roman’s choice, and the rest are Chelsea board’s choice. To avoid public opinion massacre should whosoever that becomes the manager fails, fans’ choice should be hastely considered.

  4. AndyHogan says

    I will be so angry to see Redknapp been are next manager.. If not Graduola, den Roberto shud continue is work… I neva like Redknapp, so i dnt need him, dis is a coach dat Roberto beat mercilessly 5 – 1.. @ wembley.. I dnt need nor dream to see him in are dressing room

  5. Merit says

    I would prefer 1 RDM to 100 Guardiola and Redknapp

  6. Tunex says

    We don’t want harry we want di mateo if we want success.

  7. Manu says

    Harry Redknap has no winning mentality.Spurs are a competitive side whcih only thing they lack is Confidence to compete at highest level.He is used to Average positions in the competitions he is involved in ,so it would be a bad day to see this man At helm of Our beloved club

  8. amahcoded says

    True talk rednapp is nt needed @ d bridge called stamford.

  9. akpan says

    neither Harry nor Pep should be given the job, RDM is the man because he has proven himself beyond doubt that he can take Chelsea to another glory next season.RDM is our man.

  10. chainar says

    RDM is the only person we want as chelsea coach now,Rednakp does not worth d job n pep also shud b left out.Let RDM continue is work at chelsea.

  11. baggy says

    harry is no tactician he is a waste.. roberto or pep.. no one else

  12. Inok cosmas says

    Pls if not pep gadiola. Then the club should retain robeto Di matteo. Let the team give him a benefit of doubt depending his performance. Then the club can think of either bringing pep. Or not. Blazing bluce!!!

  13. Alan Frank says

    Sorry guys but I like the idea of Harry taking over ‘if’ it is for 12 months before Pep comes to SB. I’d far rather have Harry then Capello! Harry was the fans favourite to become the next England Manager and took Spuds from bottom place to playing in Europe in one season! Also remember he qualified a Spurs side with little funds at his disposal into 4th place last term which was better than we could manage to do. Because we won the thing wasn’t Harry’s fault! Roman obviously did not like RDM’s style of play and the way he kept picking Mikel over a fit again Essien, Bosingwa at every opportunity, Kalou over Torres and kept bringing Malouda on STILL with Torres on the bench. RDM is a ‘lucky’ Manager who’s tactics were spot on but his team selections were very poor. Brilliant (although lucky) with the Champions league, same with FA Cup and poor in the Premiership (results wise). This summer Chelsea fans need to look at the bigger picture and hopefully Guardiola coming in 6 to 12 months time. There won’t be too many Managers prepared to ‘stand-in’ for 12 months. If that list is Harry, Capello and Benitez give me Harry every day of the week. RDM wants longer than 12 months. I would ask Chelsea fans to take a real close look at our Premier league results with RDM before demanding HE is given the job long term!

  14. aduak says

    bringing Redknapp mean dat roman want 2 dump chelsea, what gud job Redknapp did dat attrack him 2 give him a job? Dat 4 be a big bad story.

  15. Erondu ben from dubai says

    If Rednap taks the clubas a manager i wil stop being a Blues fan.
    Worst news of the day

  16. hay kay says

    It better 2 let RDM continue his work as CHELSEA manager, bcos he is d only coach which d players understand his method which lead them 2 victory both WEMBLEYand MUNICH. Nd if ds coach continues his work it means there is still another trophy in d next season.

  17. Darryl says

    Sorry guys i gotta say i dont think Harry is the right man nor do i think RDM is the right man, he brought success by playing extremely defensively with players all of whom are in the twilight of their careers, with the exception of Mikel-Romeu has more potential- Kalou who has left. let’s not forget that JT Lamps Essien Drogba and Cech, the spine of our success for so long is not what it used to be, we can not rely on luck and older players performing for the future of our club, the future lies with Mata Torres Ramires Luiz Cahill Cole(soon to be Bertrand) Hazard Lukaku Sturridge Marin and maybe Hulk, these players will not suit the counter attacking style of RDM, i love him for his playing days and what he has delivered as caretaker manager, but we can not ignore the fact that without a huge slice of luck, our aged squad would have fallen into the Europa League and be well behind the pace in the Premier League, the same old guard who compromised the future of the club cos they couldnt accept they needed to take a back seat and allow development of youth to take over the club for the future, had we not won in Munich our future would be in serious doubt and not because of AVB, because of the old guard putting less than 10% effort when he was here, they got the medal they deserved 4 years ago, but dont lose your head to sentiment. if the next manager does not put the young talent at the club into the team for development we will not challenge. my vote goes for Pep he has proven he can put together not only a fluent attacking team but a winning team. Chelsea must end the 2012/2013 season with a line up looking like this (assuming we get Hulk,if not Marin/Kakuta in his place)
    Ivanovic Luiz Cahill Cole
    Mata Hazard Hulk


  18. Ahmed minna says

    I dnt suport d idea of bringin Redknarp 2 chelsea. If we cnt get d services of Goundialo now d best man 4 d job is Dimatio. He got wat we’re lukin 4 over yrs by luck, who knws if d luck he got 4 winin FA n CL cups stil rmains wit him 4 us 2 win EPL next season.
    Abramovich has spent so much on previous managers yet they were not luck 2 win CL. The only way 2 pay Dimatio is 2 give him d job even 4 a year.

  19. Femi james says

    I think harry is a good choice pending the arrival of pep. and posibly bringing modric 4 us. its a good idea i suppose

  20. Afam pius says

    Wat is wrong wit cfc? For 107yrs we havnt been able to win uefa champions league, dis man come in as just caretaker maneger and make d inposible posible , and nw u dnt like his style? If u hav money why nt buy BACELONA TEAM AND BRING THEM TO CFC? RDM WE want or cfc wil come truphyles next season i BET U MR aBrAmOvIcH.

  21. Yakub adam I says

    Y harry we dont like him we like RDM

  22. Onovo says

    @ Allen football is all about the right formation, and only the formation that win matches z d right formation, if his luck keeps winning matches then who cares…. Chelsea lost to ManU n barca in the previous champions league game was because we were unlucky n nw we won the fa cup, beat barca n Munich with luck n experience.. For y’all thinking diMatteo aiin he man for the job to think twice

  23. IBRO 1 says

    RDM is our choice, period

  24. ttain Rahmon tijani says

    I we b so angry 2 c redknaap as a chelsea couch I we like 2 c Di Matteo retain chelsea job n full time basis

  25. tijani sulaimon adeshina says

    RDM is d luky man d best man give him d job he highly deserve it.know robby know trophy!!!!!

  26. stephen stev says

    who cares if rdm had luck on his side what all other managers including money to sign players still didn’t achieved the alltimate goal but one who was not give anything but was appointted just for two months won the FA Cup and Roman’s heart desire CL Cup won Harry 5 – 1 and won Pep 3 – 2 now who is good among them remember RDM won PEP with ten men.Come on is not about the tactics and ball possessions but the cups so as a coach what ever you will do to win a game pls do.RDM IS THE RIGHT MAN FOR THE JOB.

  27. Akindara says

    Redknapp Is not fit 2 b next Chelsea manager.Man.U,arsenal,chelsea,man.City and sum of d lowly rated clubs beat spur despite d big names;such as,modric,adebayor,bale,defoe,walker among others Notwithstandn ,i dnt just like him.Dimateo or pep is good.Go 4 pep,I love him.

  28. mcnumec says

    Redknapps ability to make chelsea ply beautiful football may seriously be in doubt considering a chelsea that need reformation with a lot of youngsters being brought in. Harry believe so much on pensioneers. If they are not giving RDM that chance to take chelsea through 4 that one season, then his time and speculation arround him shld not b wasted. I don’t see Redknapp makind headway, simple.

  29. demola says

    All d fans of Chelsea will reject Redknapp,we all suport RDM. Redknapp is a failure in white hart lane.

  30. Theunis says

    RDM did something with chelsea that no other manager did something so good that even the worlds best coach did not do so Abramovich give RDM the contract

  31. Prince Alhassan zekeri says

    plz tell Abrahamovic that the only man that can take chelsea to a greater hight is RDM.and if he’s not given the job let pep Guardiola should take over instead of Harry Redknapp or harry redcamp whatever he cal himself.10nks

  32. mali says

    for me i say no to both. I realy dont like both harry and rdm. Yes rdm won cups for chelsea but realy the team never player good football under him. Thy were riding on luck. Saw chelsea getting dominated by teams like newcastle, saw chelsea play all defence to many times. Is that how i want to watch the whole season, atack vs chelsea defence? No way. The man picked kalou all th time? Chelsea played crap under him ‘no dissrespect but his not the man’.. As a chelsea legend yes we love him, as the asistance yeah sure but defenitely not as the manager ha ah!. And i also ddint like his team selection. Was just horrible.. Especialy the ucl final. Damn i watch the whole game angry

  33. faajikorrect says

    RDM is the man for the job,he managed to win the FA and Champ.league with a chelsea side who aren’t too good and with this new signing,he will even do better.@ alan frank think twice.

  34. femi akin says

    yes,RdM doesn’t play attractive football,and has even agreed 2 stand by chelsea board’s decision on a new manager but i think Harry isn’t d best option,in fact,far from it!

  35. Vic Flow says

    @alan frank, if u say essien is more fit than mikel it means u don’t know wat u ar saying at all. The above name u mentioned was the name that cost AVB his job. But Dimatteo came n he used d same players n bcam the most successful chelsea coach.I vote for Dimateo n nt even Moriho

  36. Victorino says

    Frank, Mali& co. U pple realy foce me 2coment. Wat do u mean by RDM. Was lucky. Accoding 2him u mk ur own luck & according 2 Jose Mourinho, u need an element of Luck 2win champion league. Wen u ask 4 attacking football, name d player u wantd 2 use 4it, u keep on comenting on his poor Selection(kalou) was kalou bought 2 b a bench warmer, Abi u wanted sturridge who show AVB bak door (against Westbroom) can u rememba how many one one 1 he miz. U wanted him 2play Torres jst 2pleas Abramovich, no disrespect 2 Torres i Love him as a fanse, bt d issue is a Manager got 2 mk decision he thk is D best coz anytin go Wrong it’s d Boz nt d player. U don’t hav player & u askin 4 stylish football, how many Billion, did Roman wast 4 dat same thing HOLY GEIL, Roman want big Name. Gurdiola, play 4 baca and managed dem 2break Record. We can hav dat wit Di Matteo. Give him players. U both forget Benfica, Napoli & Totenham, did we player defends, guy u need 2sudy a team and knw their weak point & how 2win them wit wat u hav at hand, u both can neva b a good manager i bet u.

  37. Joe says

    I would like Harry! But he can’t make transfers, saha and nelsen. Wtf!

  38. Godswill HOD says

    We are the fans,Roman should decid,since he is nt considerate for Rmd

  39. Frank mhen says

    Rdm the rigth man, gives every player a chance through squad rotation, knows how 2 manage what he have, have the ryt plan 4 each game, defend n hit on a counter eg barca, bayern, atarck when necessary eg napoly, spurs. Remember he was using a squad branded as old n underdogs which Avb did not succeed wit, give him the players, he will give u what u want Rdm Rdm

  40. D'fd says

    Harry in chelsea?unbelieveable;I dont like the idea.I think RDM is a better option

  41. Fhyisco says

    Nor of the both. Harry & RDM shuld nt be given d job even pep i don’t agree. So pls we don’t want player like ” hazard, marko, mata, hulk, torres 2 be playin in defence line.
    I want gud football next season. let Say NO 2 defence game.

  42. Uwem udo says

    Please we dont want Harry Redknapp

  43. mashy ken says

    Dat wld be d worst mistake chelsea can ever do. Give RDM d Job

  44. Anthony says

    RDM is d only man who has just ended our long time cry & expectation by winin d cl all others have tried but failed.avb was there he couldn’t do any thing he almost kill the d philosophy of play in d cfc team d management board notice it & he was sack rdm took over as interim manager& won both FA&CL,now we are fans it’s time we ask d owner dat if it was him how will he feel after all d work &victory of about 105-107 years came in 2012 just in d hands of rdm & now he is planin 2 appoint another person why.

  45. CHI BEST OWERRI says

    its Roman abramovich money and club we ar just fans,he should give Roberto di matteo the peoples choice d jub.

  46. Charles lv says

    Harry, no way his a loser. I really don’t want him. We Chelsea fans in Nigeria say no

  47. Anthony says

    let roman ask itself dat if it was him.after achiving such a victory & he was droped how will he feel wat eva dat will his answer he compare it to itself after comparing it wat he feels he should give us a good reasom why he should not appoint rdm as d full time manager.it is not all about big names dat matters it is d level of ur technicalities dat speaks if u talk dat rdm has it in him.roman leave d name & embrazed d game of rdm

  48. Etidohenry says

    Who is Redknapp to coach chelsea. Wht of Roberto di Matteo who lead the club to champion.
    Harry Redknapp who couldn’t even finish Tottenham second or third position in the league that Abramovich want.
    Abramovich don’t know what good for the club, He just want to pay another compensation after four month, this time will be £100m.

  49. Simon, Nigeria says

    Abramovich has money to waste. If RMD were to achieve all these in another club, he wld have bought him 4 £20M. Who cares anyway. I need just £5,000 to complete my education. Mtcheeeeeew!

  50. faajikorrect says

    Fhyisco or Wateva u can urself u don’t know wat u r talking about,u want defensing football,have u forgotten how attacking football cause Ava his job.Can u recall how many matches we lost wen Avb was in charge? Rdm did wateva he can to win.Arsnal play sexy football with no trophies and I dnt care how Chelsea play,all I care is,how many matches and trophies won.

  51. Fridilo Agbomonbe says

    Up chelsea! Pinkin wen say he fada ‘ll nt slep him we remain standing, wen u tel pson wen dey beat u say he no try na 2 woud u. Ucl make 4 men nt boy.

  52. Joseph says

    RDM has provin himself that he is able and capable to manage chelsea. I don’t know what kind of manager Roman( the billionair) is look 4. 4 me oh! Toti manager may not stay at chelsea 4long if he comes. Up d blues.

  53. samson says

    will dont need this Man ok… let RDM continue is job God is with him…

  54. Harsimran Singh says

    not at all……….i don’t like him.i think the job should be given to RDM……..

  55. Chuks says

    Abramovich pls dnt bring sadness to ur lovely fans pls i beg u in the name of God give DIMETEO the job we dnt want pep or any 1

  56. Akinwale Nando says

    No body than to give RDM the full time job. I love my great club CFC

  57. Louis Anthony says

    after all he will be the one to lose, (that is Roman) he should let Dimateo to continue his job, he knows every thing a bout the Game, so let di mateo to continue his job

  58. sathya swami says

    Harry to chelsea..???
    I’d say yes only if PEP isn’t ready to manage chelsea.
    Simply because RDM is not impressive to me at all.
    He played such Negative tactics, the whole footballing world were criticising us.
    Football is called the beautiful game because of its fluncy.
    What we played last year was good enough to bring us trophies, but that does not bring us respect.
    Despite chelsea beating likes of barca, bayern, napoli, etc. what we earned was win, and they got the respect.
    RDM is good in handling the squad but tactically i’d rather pick PEP or HARRY.

  59. Ador samuel says

    Pls pls pls ROMAN ABRAMOVICH i use capital leta 2 writ ur name bcos of d respect we chelsea fans hav 4 u ones again pls pls pls giv us ur joy, d joy we hav bn lokn 4 has cm. Let ROBBETO DIMATTIO continue sa coach

  60. Ayyub sani says

    Why do u wnt to bring problem to chelsea. Pls allowed dimateo to continue.

  61. john says

    one good turn deserve another.D Mateo made the Blues the European champion which they have been longing for…why can’t Abramovich handed him the job? Harry no no no

  62. nelson says

    U no wat i tink….If d job is made 4 R.D.M no wepone fasion agaist hm shall prossper….But if it’s not made 4 him d job will b given 2 d ryt person…… But I dont lik “PEP” if i c “PEP” in chelsea honestly i will liv d club n go 4 another….Up chelsea 4 NOW oh.

  63. adamhenry says

    Pls RMB is a very gud person dat would do all his best to lead chelsea to more wins pls let him get the job..he really help chelsea to become great

  64. Emma yormie says

    What is wrong wit Abrahimovic,u need champion league trophy RDM give u now u re lukin 4 wat u dont lost wetin happen 2 RDMgive him chance he will do wonder more than pep,barca team was assemble by Rikaard b4 pep take over n Harry is an old man that lost consetration very fast,spur was leadin arsenal wit almost 12point but at d end arsenal topple spur.All we are sayin give us ROBERTO DI MATTEO

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