Hazard Happy At Chelsea Despite Missing The (Arsenal) French Feel

Chelsea’s newest signing Eden Hazard seems to have turned into the main man at the club, making fans feel like star players Mata or Lampard are only there to help the Belgian set the play up. After the first two games, Hazard has declared that he is feeling good at Chelsea and that he has adapted very well, despite not having too many French players to talk with.

The Belgian declared that he can chat with Cech and Malouda in French, and that he’s lucky to have them in there for an easier pass between languages and cultures.

“I’ve adapted very well to life in London. You’re always a bit overawed when you arrive at a club with so many big names,” he said, quoted in The Sun.

“But then you tell yourself ‘They are people like me with two arms and two legs’. Of course, I have respect for the players who are already here but it is down to me to tread my own path.

“I told myself it would be a new country, a new culture, a new language.

“But I had already changed countries when I went from Belgium to France, so I had made a similar step before.

“Like in every club, there’s an initiation song. I sang a French rap song for them and made them laugh a lot, which is the main thing.

“Frank Lampard was laughing when I gave my first interview in English, so that must mean everyone was laughing. But it wasn’t too bad for my first time speaking English.

“I managed to get two or three words out and you always get away with it when you smile.

“I’m lucky there are two or three Francophones in the squad – Petr Cech speaks French and obviously so does Florent Malouda.”

The great atmosphere at Chelsea is being shown on the field as well, where the Blues were absolutely instrumental so far this season, showing that the transfers made this summer were smart ones, with Hazard and Oscar fast turning into stars at Chelsea.

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