Hilario – "Chelsea need to win our home games, whoever we're playing"

The Chelsea goalkeeper Henrique Hilario will be in goal against Liverpool after Petr Cech was harshly sent off against Wigan, and he thinks that the fans will make the difference to Chelsea’s home form.

“I hope we have the same as we did against Tottenham, because that was amazing,” says Hilario.

“It’s good for the fans to get themselves in one voice, it makes a big difference to a game, no player likes playing without any noise.

“Although we are focused on our warming up and the game, it is always good to have the crowd behind you. The atmosphere and people shouting always makes an impact on you.

“It’s good for the players, it’s good for the fans, it’s always good for everyone.”

Is he looking forward to facing Liverpool, one of the teams that are expected to rival Chelsea for the title?

“It’s a big game; it’s the kind of game that everyone wants to play.

“They are a very good side, with good players and we need to be aware of the whole team.”

“Last year we lost the title because we conceded too many defeats at home. We don’t play big games every week, the big games and the small games are just as important and we need to win all of our home games, whoever we are playing.”

Starting with tomorrow eh Henrique?

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