Hodgson – Liverpool can beat Chelsea (if the Blues have a bad day!)

The new Liverpool boss Roy Hodgson certainly has faith that his team can beat Chelsea at Anfield today, but only if the Double winners have a bad day!

“I don’t think any team is unstoppable. All teams, however good they are, are stoppable. All teams have bad days. All teams lose matches. They might not lose many in a season, but they will lose some.

“To some extent you hope on Sunday they don’t have one of their better days – that would assist us. Or we might have a very good day and cause them lots of problems – that’s what I’m hoping and working for.”

“Gameplans are plans which come about through weeks and weeks of hard work on the training ground so that when the other team have got the ball, you know what you’re doing defensively, and when you’ve got the ball, you know what you’re doing offensively.

“We’ve just got to be good at our game and be aware that they pose special threats, and defend well against those threats.

“I don’t talk about gameplans – I talk about principles of play, shape of the team and about making certain that whatever team we play against, we’re aware of their strengths.

“A lot of what we do is important for us against all opponents. It doesn’t vary. We try to do it all the time, and when you play against the top teams in the league, it’s more and more important to get it right, to not make any errors and that people are fully aware of their jobs.”

Arsene Wenger said today that he wanted his Arsenal team to be more like Chelsea, well it seems that Hoodgson wants Liverpool to do the same thing. The only problem is that no-one is as good at being Chelsea as Chelsea are!

And that is why they will win today!

***First Wayne Rooney pic in Oregon! LOL!***

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