How many of Frank Lampards goals are deflections?

This is a slur that is normally thrown at Chelsea fans by competing supporters, especially Tottenham and Arsenal fans! But i have found this report from the Guardian that has done a serious study on the percentage of Franks goals that have been deflected.

Here it is: “We have done the necessary on Lampard’s five-and-a-bit years at Stamford Bridge, and are surprised – and disappointed – to report that only six of his 73 goals for Chelsea have been deflected: a miserable 8%. If you take away penalties, that rises to just under 10% (six out of 62). Either way, it would seem that Lampard’s deflected glory is not as great as the nation’s many Frankophobes would have you believe. Still, he’s getting better: none of the deflections came in his first two seasons at Stamford Bridge.”

So now we know! Next time someone mentions it you will know what to say: EIGHT PER CENT YOU MUG!

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