"I wouldn't be surprised if Tevez went to Chelsea!"

Carlos Tevez has made it quite clear he wants a move away from Manchester City, and it looked as though he was going to get his wish and seal a move to Corinthians, a move that would have made it possible for him to be closer to his family in Argentina.

That is not going to happen though, as the deal has collapsed due to the Brazilian side being unable to raise the necessary funds to secure Tevez’s signature. With the player demanding such a high wage and transfer fee there are not many clubs that could match both, but surely Chelsea are one of those.

Former Chelsea player Clive Walker was speaking about Tevez on talkSPORT Radio this morning and had the following to say regarding Chelsea making a move for the Manchester City striker.

“When we first saw this about Tevez wanting to go back to his family and play in South America, it seemed a little bit bizarre to me. If it all unfolds and he ends up moving to London or Europe, it would show how cut-throat players are today. They see a move, they want a move, they want more money and that would be him. But I wouldn’t be surprised if that happened because this is how it seems to be turning out with players these days.”

Walker went on to say, “I can see him moving to a big club, of course, because there are only a few clubs who can afford and, if Chelsea are in the market, I am sure they can afford him.”

So Walker is not convinced Tevez wants a move closer to home, but surely Manchester City will never sell their star player to one of their closest rivals. Or will they?

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