Ian Holloway – Chelsea were phenomenal!

The Blackpool manager Ian Holloway was very impressed with the way Chelsea played, “We have seen some teams underestimate us but the champions certainly didn’t,” he said.

“Some of the movement they showed I hadn’t seen before and that caused our players problems.

“I have seen in the flesh now how good Drogba and Essien are. I have seen some football in my life and the way Chelsea played is an absolute credit to Mr Ancelotti and their players. Some of their moving and passing and running is phenomenal.

“The tactics I tried to adopt didn’t work,” he continued, “but we looked much better when in the second half we played the way we normally play, which is with four strikers, and we did cause them some problems.

“I expected it to be closer but we drew the second half and at half-time, I certainly didn’t think we would do that.”

And credit to Blackpool for coming to the Bridge and trying to play football!

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