Ian Wright: Ancelotti Needs To Rotate Stars

Former Arsenal striker Ian Wright has been telling The Sun that he believes the Chelsea manager, Carlos Ancelotti, is right to rotate his star players at Stamford Bridge. Wright believes that with Roman Abramovich choosing to invest into the club again Ancelotti will be desperate to improve results in whatever way he can.

Wright told The Sun: “Chelsea have got some stars who are coming to the end of their careers now and they’re going to need to bring in more players who can help the club push forward”.

He continued: “If a team is looking to continually progress, as Chelsea are, no one should be guaranteed a place”.

With Abramovich’s ability to spend money on players like Fernando Torres and David Luiz, even big stars like Terry and Drogba should not be complacent that they can hold onto their spot without putting in the effort.

Wright said: “But if you’re not playing well enough and there’s people waiting to come in, no one should think they’re 100 per cent safe”.

Many Chelsea stars are over 30 years old, one of the supposed reasons for their disappointing results this season. Many older stars such as Deco and Ballack were shipped out last season and the axe could be wielded again as Abramovich still dreams of Chelsea winning the Champions League.

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