Inter V Chelsea best odds and preview

This evening’s game against Inter is the type of game that all football fans relish, a match up between two heavyweights of European football and no matter who you support you cannot help but watch in anticipation of a classic.

Bookies also relish these sort of games, simply because they are cash cows for them, the higher profile an event the more money they take and generally the more they make.

So overall from a fans perspective, a bookies perspective and for pure entertainment value tonight’s game is one not to miss.

As a fan it is nervy enough to watch a game like but if we add in a financial element via having a bet then it just ratchets it up a few notches.

The enjoyment one gets not just from seeing their team win but also from winning money as well is almost indescribable.

Therefore in the interests of total ecstasy it has become imperative for us to have a bet on this game and make tonight a double night of satisfaction.

Naturally our first pick is an outright win, the odds alone justify backing Chelsea, we can go to any ground on the planet and secure a win and so any time we are odds against it is worth a punt.

Second bet for us is the overs under market and in my own non expert opinion the bookies have this one wrong.

They are making it less than three goals as favourite, I actually think it will be three goals or more, my thinking is that we will win but Inter will score and so either a 2-1 or 3-1 or even a 3-2 win for us.

And anyway even if we score and still lose, 2-1 as an example I will still win something, that will at least dull the pain a little, though not much.

So that’s the two picks this evening, a win for us and over 2.5 goals, the odds below are the best prices on offer at this time.

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