Is Modric Staying Put?

The talk about Luka Modric to Chelsea is becoming more drawn out than Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona, and we all know how long that went on for! Well depending on who you believe and what you read it could all come to an end very soon.

Andre Villas-Boas chose his words very carefully when asked about the possibility of Luka Modric moving to Stamford Bridge. He said, “ The only thing I can say is just that it can happen. I don’t know to what extent we can go regarding his price because we are speaking about a high amount and nothing else, basically. End of story.”

He also said, “Whatever comes from Harry’s mind is his own opinion about the situation. I just have to study the rest of the market and hopefully find a solution for my team. It depends on a lot of things. It depends on Chelsea’s decision if they are willing to go forward or not; up to which value and to decide whether they want to keep the interest in the player. It doesn’t depend on me. It’s not my money. Luka, on this particular occasion, is a young player but there would be for sure a sensible price to pay.”

So AVB is very coy about the whole transfer situation, but Tottenham assistant manager Kevin Bond has also been speaking about Modric and said, “He [ Daniel Levy] has made it clear that Modric will stay and I think that’s what will happen. The chairman’s made it quite clear that Luka won’t be leaving the football club, and probably I don’t see that changing at all.”

Chelsea and Spurs fans will be hoping that the Luka Modric transfer saga does not drag on much longer, with a solution reached one way or another. Football is a game we all love, but the off field activities are taking over from the on field ones. If you want him Mr Abramovich pay for him, if you don’t move on.

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  1. jonas says


  2. bright says

    please Mr Abramovich,i see that luka will caues us problem pls live him and go for mata please

  3. Olusheyi says

    Try it by al mis 2 sign d like of modric,mata,meireless, if possible alvairo so dat wil can challenge 4 champion leagueg, epl and fA cup up blues

  4. L says

    Who cares, I’m tired of reading and hearing these rumours.

    1. Richard says

      I couldn’t agree more with L. Now is the time for Abramovich and Chelsea to show how serious they are. Buy him or move on.

  5. ADEYEMI says


  6. Gary says

    I think it has to happen. Modric stated that his stance is the same; he wants to play for Chelsea. Redknapp respects this and wants replacements asap. Chelsea will make a final bid, as a ‘take it or leave it’, but won’t offer a silly price. Barcelona paid 29M for Fabregas who most would consider more valuable. I think there can be an agreement if its below 30M. Chelsea won’t leave Modric sidelined after he laid his reputation on the line for them.

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