Italy v Slovakia extended World Cup Highlights

The biggest shock of the tournament came last night when the World Champions Italy were knocked out in the Group stages by minnows Slovakia.

This is the first time that Slovakia had appeared at the World Cup Finals, and they had been written off as no-hopers…until now!

Italy were on the back foot from the start, and they never looked like overcoming the Slovaks, and they ended up bottom of the Group, while Slovakia will now face Holland in the next round.

Italy coach Marcello Lippi took full responsibility for Italy’s dire campaign. “If a team shows up at such an important game with terror in their head, heart and legs – and if the team is simply unable to express its abilities – it means the coach didn’t do his job, either psychologically or tactically.” he said after the game.

“I felt this team would be able to perform and I didn’t coach them sufficiently. I’d have accepted anything except the performance today. I’m so sorry to end my experience as national coach in such fashion.”

“I didn’t necessarily expect to win the World Cup, but I did expect to perform differently. I was not capable of motivating the men the way I should have.

“In the past I was able to create the right dynamic. I failed this time and I deeply regret that. The players didn’t press, didn’t build up. They didn’t do anything.”


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  1. TareX says

    Robbed. That goal was onside.

  2. Frank Giorno says

    Thanks Just Chelsea and BBC…for providing the instant replay that shows the final score should have been at least 3-3 Italy vs Slovakia…perhaps 4-3.Shame not on Italy, or England, Or Mexico, Ghana for losing. Because they were robbed by poor officiating, missed calls. SHAME ON FIFA for turning the World Cup into a World Class Farce. They must put in the best video replay system as used in the National Football League or the National Hockey League.

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