Ivanovic – Stoke can play without pressure, but Chelsea MUST win

The Serbian defender Branislav Ivanovich will be moving into the centre of Chelsea’s defence today to cover for the suspended John Terry, but is well aware that wherever he plays, Chelsea just have to stay focused and get the necessary three points to return to the top of the Premiership.

“It is always difficult the first game when you change position but it doesn’t matter, the first, most important and only thing is that we have to win this game.” he said.

“We play at home and we know how we have to play against Stoke, we already played them at home in the FA Cup. In the moment this is the only important thing.’

“The Stoke mentality is that they can play without pressure, when you play against big teams you always want to show everything, show your best, and with no pressure you can be more relaxed,” Ivanovic continued. “We have to stay focused and we know what we have to do on Sunday and we will do everything to win the game.

“In Serbia maybe, probably a team like Stoke would give up against Chelsea, but I have been here two years and I see everything about the smaller teams. Here every team can win against big teams, it is what makes football in England so exciting.”

Let’s hope it is not too exciting this afternoon, Branislav!

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