Joao Moutinho To Replace the Injured Michael Essien

Chelsea midfielder Michael Essien is fighting to save his career after suffering another serious injury to his knee. The Ghana international is awaiting the results of a scan on his knee and there are fears he will be out of action for the remainder of the year.

According to the Sun the possibility of losing Essien has prompted Villas-Boas to find a midfielder that can take over from the 28-year-old who has suffered from bad knee injuries before.

The Chelsea boss is looking to his former club Porto again, this time at Moutinho, who would cost the Blues £35 million.

The Porto president Pinto Da Silva says they can not reduce the asking price because 25% of the fee will go to Moutinho’s former club Sporting Lisbon. He told the Sun: “We do not reduce by one euro the price of our stars for the big foreign clubs.”

Essien will be bitterly disappointed at the injury, which happened on only the second day of training. The diagnosis so far is damage to the anterior cruciate ligament, which will take at least six months to heal.

Because Essien has suffered knee injuries before it looks like the Chelsea management will buy a replacement player both for the short and long-term.

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  1. Tarquine, Kisumu says

    I said it b4 en let me repeat it again. Essien will never find back his form coz he uses alot of energy en less skills. The problem with chelsea mgt is that they act slowly. If Roben was sold coz of injuries, who’s Essien. Lets be realistic en brave by doing away with him en pave way for Mikel who is looks more composed than Essien.

  2. Youssouph piechart says

    I guez gr8 micheal essien should b sold coz 2much injury reduce’s players ability 2 perform his duty. So d likez of him,lampard, anelka, maoluda, bosingwa and fereira should fyn anoda team 2 play for and get d likes of pastore,modric and sum gud winger dat can play on either flank so dat drogba and torres can lead us tru. Up bluez up villa-boa

  3. Youssouph piechart says

    Gv d likez of mikel and mc eachran a pole position in da defensive md chance 2 play.

  4. nabasu emma says

    i dont want chelsea 2 sell essien now

  5. Akinola says

    The ealier d better.chelsea fans can not afford any escuses of loosing a match.

  6. Eben says

    D truth is dt no one will buy essien now, d best is to get a new midfielder cos am sure mikel cnt do it alone.. Wen Essien is back to d game, dependin on d performance of d den present midfielders, he can b sold or used.. But we will always miss him even more dan our bloved star Robben..

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