Joe Cole – Liverpool are the biggest club in England!

Okay I didn’t think that it was a good idea to let Joe Cole leave Chelsea, but now I am afraid that I have changed my mind completely. Obviously the management realised that Cole had totally lost his marbles and it was better for him to go.

Cole proved it today when he announced in a press conference that he had no problem choosing Liverpool as his next club, because they are the biggest club in England!

“I have played in London all my life,” said Cole. “I could have stayed at Chelsea because the fans loved me and I won things, but I wanted to challenge myself and when I knew Liverpool were interested it was a no-brainer because they are the biggest club in the country.”

“This is a massive club. I tried to take everything out of the equation, take the financial and location side out and just thought in football terms,”

“I thought about the semi-final of the Champions League in 2005 when I ran onto the field and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up.

“I was thinking about playing in that atmosphere every week and that swung it for me.

“I know I have made the right decision and I am looking forward to the challenge.”

Yes I am afraid he has totally lost it!

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