Joe Cole's new missus (Carly Zucker) may be pregnant, but she is still FIT!

I told you she was fit!
I told you she was fit!

The Chelsea midfielder Joe Cole has recently married his long-time girlfriend Carly Zucker and she has been talking about life with Londoner Joey, and very interesting reading it is!

She works full time as a personal trainer, and when i say she is fit, i mean she is FIT!!

There were rumours that she was giving up her job while she was preparing for the wedding, but she denied that she said that.

She explained: “What I said got slightly twisted. I am still working.

“I love what I do and I’m not going to give it up just because I’m married,”

“My job is important to me. I get a real buzz out of working with clients and seeing their fitness levels improve. Its nice to do something that has such a positive impact on peoples lives.

“I also like to be able to buy Joe his birthday and Christmas presents from the money I’ve earned from my job, rather than with his stash!.

“In the run-up to the wedding, I had no choice but to cut down my hours, though. I wanted to be hands-on when it came to organising the day.

“I was working 12-hour days and it got too much. I’m someone who puts a lot of effort into my job I was coming home from work and researching for hours, then writing programmes.

“Eventually, it got to me. I couldnt sleep at night. I just couldn’t switch off.”

Mrs Joe Cole
Mrs Joe Cole

She is obviously not your usual airhead wag then, and she said she was a bit worried when she found out he was a footballer, but she soon found out that he was a down-to-earth sort of guy.

“On our first date I took him back to meet my family and everyone liked him. Slowly his wooing got the better of me!

“He’s still the nicest guy Ive ever met, really genuine as well as attractive!”

“Joes not flash,” she says. “He’s not very materialistic, so I never thought, Wow!

“When he scores a brilliant goal, thats when I think, Oh my god, its amazing to be able to share this with him.

“If he was a builder or a fireman I’d find him just as attractive. He’s just kind, generous and caring. I feel proud of him when he’s playing, but if he was a fireman going to work every day and coming home to say he’d saved a life I would be proud, even more so.”

Carly and Joe have been together for five years, and she always dreamed of getting pregnant on her honeymoon, and it seems like Joe came good at the right time. Is she worried about her child being spoilt? She doesn’t think so!

Carly In the Lynx ads
Carly In the Lynx ads

“Joe said if our kids go to private school, they will have to be taken to see their cousins regularly for a bit of rough and tumble, to make them streetwise as well as educated! And they will definitely be taught the value of money.

“Our kids might be spoilt with love but not with possessions.

“Things werent just handed to me, I had to work for them or wait for a birthday.”

Well it sounds like Joey has got himself a very sensible young lady!

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