John Obi Mikel – Stoke made it difficult but we can win again

The Chelsea midfielder John Obi Mikel played in last season’s difficult win at Stoke, where Chelsea scored twice in the last few minutes to turn around a one goal deficit, and believes that the team can beat them again today.

“I feel the same wherever we play,” he says. “It is all about winning, it doesn’t matter who we are playing or whether it is home or away. Playing away this season so far has been pretty much the same as last season. We seem to get more chances and score more goals in away games and I hope we can do that on Saturday again at Stoke.

“The way they played last season made it difficult but everywhere in our team, in defence, in midfield and in attack we are good in the air and as soon as we get the ball we try to get it down and pass it around. That is one of the areas where we seem to hurt them a lot and if we go back there this season and do the same, I see no reason why we can’t beat them like last season.

“The crowd there is magnificent and the way they keep supporting through the game makes it difficult for everyone to get a result, but if we do we will be very happy.”

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