John Terry confirms his loyalty

The Chelsea captain John Terry has finally confirmed what all Chelsea fans knew from the start, he would never leave the Bridge.

Despite the rumours of untold riches on offer from Man City, Terry says that after 14 years at Chelsea, he could never imagine himself playing anywhere else, and he intends to finish his career as a Chelsea legend.

In a very long interview with Sky Sports, which is unusual for the quiet Londoner, he has decided that it is time to put the record straight, and he puts his heart on his sleeve with his forthright comments, about his team-mates, his friends, and his club.

“I let my football do the talking, I have got three years left on my current deal and from day one with Peter [Kenyon, chief executive] to Roman [Abramovich, owner] it has not been about a new deal,” he explained to Sky Sports News.

“We have not spoken about any contract talks over the last month or five weeks. As I said I wanted reassurances about people like Ashley [Cole] – who was brilliant last year – him and Frank [Lampard] were our best players last year.

“He has two years left on his current deal and I want players like that around me, I want these players staying at Chelsea Football Club and I am sure the fans feel exactly the same, so people like Didier [Drogba], Ashley – [Florent] Malouda has just signed, John Obi Mikel, are close to signing new deals.

“I have said that from day one [that I want to stay here for the rest of my career]. I have been at the club 14 years and it is strange because it is the first time in my career that someone has come in for me, and the speculation surrounding it is a bit strange as everyone expects you to come out and respond to things instantly, which I had done a couple of times last year when City came in for me.

“I just felt I would do this in my time, in Chelsea’s time and do things when it was right for us but I am very pleased with how things have gone.

“From day one this has never been about a new deal for John Terry, as I said I have three years left on my contract and if I have a good year they will come and talk to me sooner rather than later.”

“It’s a nothing from day one, I got a phone call from Peter when I was on holiday telling me about the offer from Man City and the club said they didn’t want to sell me and from then on it was never an issue for me to leave Chelsea Football Club,” he continued.

“I am very flattered and honoured by the bid Man City put in for me. I have huge respect for Mark Hughes and people around Man City, but at the same time I have been at Chelsea for 14 years now and I aim to spend the rest of my career with them.

“I just wanted reassurances that key players around me like Ashley and Didier, who are in contract talks at the moment, are going to be staying and that was a key factor for me, so I am pleased about these players and the ambition at the club is in the right direction and where I want to be.”

Reports suggested that Terry was frustrated by Chelsea’s failure to make a ‘marquee’ signing so far this summer, but he insists the club have been doing their best to bring in big names.

“Listen, the club have put in a few good bids for players across the world. We have failed to sign any real expensive players – a few additions here and there – and they have told me about a few signings they tried to make, and they just fell short a couple of times, but clubs are asking just a bit too much, and I am pleased with that, from all the players viewpoint, not just my own,” he said.

“It is still early days, but we look very sharp and we are training very well – a big signing would be fantastic but at the same time we have a group of 25-26 players who are more than capable of winning things next season for Chelsea,” he said.

“I have just been wanting to get fit really and I am feeling really sharp and I am delighted with how things have gone.”

“I think obviously eventually they [Man City] will be right up there with the ambition they are showing, it is great for the Premier League what they are doing, they are like Chelsea from four or five years ago,” he continued.

“We had a similar base at the time and they have that now, they will have a threat and will cause problems – in two or three years they will be even bigger.”

So there you have it. As far as i was concerned, it was always just a matter of time before JT gave his side of the story, and he was never, ever going to consider joining Man City.

But one good point. The delay to his response has also delayed Man City moving on to other players once Terry was discounted as a target!

Good on yer John!

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