John Terry – I am honoured to be loyal to Chelsea

The Chelsea captain John Terry has spoken about coming back from his holidays feeling fit and well and looking forward to the new season, and he also took the opportunity to say he will never leave Chelsea, no matter what.

He is also glad that all the media speculation linking him with a move to free-spending Man City has now died the death, and the team can now concentrate on the important things, like a game against Man Utd at Wembley!

“I am just happy all that is out of the way now. Going to America was a chance to get away from the English press and concentrate on pre-season, we’d just employed a new manager and it was good to team up with him,” Terry said.

“All I want to do is play football for Chelsea so I am glad everything is out of the way.

“Months before that I said I wasn’t interested in Man City, so if people think that changed in a couple of months then maybe they don’t know me as well as they thought they did.

“I have been here since I was 14, so if anyone thought I was going to leave they didn’t know me as well as they should. I’m honoured to say I have been loyal to Chelsea and I will continue to be loyal to Chelsea.

“You look forward to getting back to the club when you’re on your holidays, on the beach you do a bit of running and training to make sure you are in good nick and feeling good about yourself. I had two weeks off and then was doing gym work every day and stuff like that, so you are ticking over for a bit and feel better for it,”

He was then asked about today’s game, and whether he thought that United would still be strong, even without Ronaldo and Tevez this season.

“I think they will be. Obviously they have lost Ronaldo so people will say that weakens them, and I think it does, but at the same time they have gone out and bought a couple of players on the back of losing him and have maybe a bit more depth now.”

“I think they have been fortunate in the last two or three years with injuries, whereas we have picked up injuries at key points in the season.

“We are their main rivals, Sir Alex Ferguson said that recently. Liverpool have lost Xabi Alonso as well and we haven’t lost anyone, we have strengthened and the squad feels big again at the minute. Joe Cole is out but we have cover.

“Obviously the African Nations will be a key point in the season but we have to make sure we are in a strong position when they come up and hopefully we can manage until those boys come back.”

John Terry = Chelsea legend!

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