John Terry's dad caught selling cocaine!

The News of the World has caught John Terry’s dad on a video selling some cocaine to undercover reporters in an Essex wine bar.

Ted Terry gave the reporter three grammes of the drug, and then said: “This is just between me and you. DON’T tell him that I’m John Terry’s dad. I can’t have this going back, I’m not saying that they’ll say anything, but you never know.

“You CAN’T tell them I’m John Terry’s dad. I’ve just got them a load of gear.”

They then printed a whole transcript of the tape, which they have since handed over to the police.

Here is what it said: “I ain’t being funny,” he interrupted. “But with the sort of money he’s got he ain’t gonna buy s*** like we get round here.

“I mean, he’s a f***ing multi- millionaire. You don’t pay 40 quid a gram for s*** when you’re a f***ing multi-millionaire!”

Ted then turned to another pal and said: “These geezers want a bit of Charlie, a good bit though.” Seizing the opportunity, Ted asked our man: “How much does he want?”

Then he hustled to make a profit on the deal asking: “Is he treating the boys? Tell him we’ll get him it if he treats the boys to an ounce each.”

After being asked if the cocaine Leon could supply was good, Ted pulled our man to one side and scoffed: “Don’t talk b****cks! You can’t go around giving them f***ing s***.

“No, you can’t f***ing do that. You’ll get the sack!” Feigning familiarity with the drugs scene, our man claimed that he usually bought from a dealer in west London, to which Ted replied: “Yeah but it’s normally s*** though, innit?

“I could get you a bit. How much would you want?”

The reporter told him it would be three grams of cocaine and asked the price. Ted said: “Three grams? £120. It’s £40 each.”

He promised that his supplier would visit the bar to drop off the drugs within 15 minutes – provided the punters had ready cash.

“Have they got the money?” he demanded. “Because they’re not gonna pay on f***ing Barclaycard or nothing like that are they?

England captain John Terry’s father is caught selling deadly cocaine
“Go and get the money. When YOU’VE got the dosh I’LL phone him. But I ain’t gonna say come over here if you ain’t got the dosh on you.

“Me mate don’t want to be hanging about. It ain’t the sort of business where you drive round with loads in your car, or else you’ll get a tug (caught by the police).

“D’you know what I’m saying? All he wants to do is come over here, go bosh, bosh, cash, see you later, bye and that’s it.”

At that point we asked Ted if the stuff he could lay on was any good.

“Yeah, it’s all right,” he boasted. “I get off on it. It’s not that bad.

“I mean, you could get f***ing better. I mean they’re multi-millionaires, I’d think they could get better anyway.

“My mate, he’s the b****cks – he never runs out.

“He’s always got it. He’s not like a lot of these people you phone and they go, ‘Oh I ain’t got none until next week, I’ve got to wait for me money to come.’ He’s only a young kid and he works his b****cks off and he’s got loads of money.”

Ted then disappeared outside to phone the dealer. He came back a few moments later and said: “Sorted. You’ve got to sort out the money though.”

Our man handed him two £50 notes and two £10 notes.

As he counted it, Ted calmly said: “He ain’t paying for mine then? He should have treated me shouldn’t he, for getting it for him?”

So our man went back to ask the boss for an extra £40 – the price of a gram for Ted – for setting up the deal.

Ted’s grin returned when he was handed another four tenners. He said: “Honestly mate, it’s good stuff.”

And, pointing to pal Leon across the bar, he added: “Better than HIS anyway!”

After receiving a phone call Ted left the bar to meet his cocaine supplier who was waiting outside in a car. He returned with a swagger a few minutes later and beckoned our man into the toilets.

Ted then handed over three packs of white powder wrapped in paper ripped from a comic, and whispered: “It’s good stuff, try a bit.”

Ted disappeared into a cubicle for five minutes. Afterwards he approached our man asking him for his verdict on the cocaine, asking: “Was that all right, yeah?”

To convince Ted he had taken some, our man told him it had numbed his gums, a common side-effect of the drug.

Ted replied: “Numbs the gums? Well it will do, proper stuff weren’t it? I said it’s all right didn’t I?”

With an eye on setting up more deals between the pusher and his wealthy new contacts, Ted said: “If they’re happy with it, talk to me and I’ll talk to him and I’ll most probably be able to get you discount.

“I can most probably get it f***ing cheaper but he don’t know you, so he’s charging you the right price, know what I mean?

“But if they want whatever, then I’ll sort you out.”

Ted then repeated his boast that the cocaine was good quality and not cut with cheap additives to make the drug go further.

Talking of his supplier again, he said: “He don’t, chop, chop, chop, chop, chop. . . he earns what he earns and he’s happy with it.”

This is definitely not going to cheer John Terry up on the morning of such a big game. I imagine the United supporters are at home now thinking of amusing chants to sing during the match already.


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  1. Dcennis Martins says

    A friends just told me this morning that “dads are always right”. How I wish she reads this…

    Sorry Ted Jr., I mean Terry. you have always been a good example to follow (or at least i hope so), and dad just freaks at will like this….

    He has his life, you have yours… Keep yours smart…

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