Jorge Mendes Sorting Deal, Chelsea To Complete £25m Signing Within Days


With the Copa  America just 10 days away, it seems Radamel Falcao can’t wait. Not for the South American nations’ continental competition, but for a move to Chelsea. The Monaco F.C player couldn’t prove himself in Old Trafford during his season-long loan, and the Red Devils aren’t ready to give him one more chance (season) to. But after having made exploits in Portugal and Spain, Falcao wants to conquer England, and he wants to do so  with Chelsea at all cost.

First off, moving to Stamford bridge will see him cutting down his heavy wages of 265,000 pounds per week to a figure much more lower. And he is not guaranteed a starting position, or even the first-substitution option, as he will be behind Costa and Remy. He has agreed to a pay cut, and he is obviously aware of the pecking order that awaits him in the star-studded team. His agent, Jorge Mendes, who is also Mourinho’s and Costa’s is said to be in talks with Chelsea on behalf of his client, and given the relationship he shares with the club, something might just be worked out soon.

The 29 year-old Falcao got his loan transfer to Manchester United on deadline transfer day last summer, and it was thought he will reenact the form he once had at the La Liga. But after a whole season, he didn’t impress LVG enough to break into the first team, and he could only score 4 goals. But United legend, Paul Scholes is of the opinion that lack of playing time, and his pre-world cup injury compounded his woes with the side, so things could take a different turn in Chelsea where he could be afforded playing time in the cup games. It is always said that Mourinho has an eye for a good striker, time will tell if Falcao will be great again.

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