Jose Mourinho tipped to be Chelsea manager next season

There has been an interesting statement by the former Real Madrid star Ivan Campo, who firmly believes that the current Madrid manager Jose Mourinho will be returning to the Premiership next season, and most likely to Chelsea.

According to most bookmakers, the Everton manager David Moyes is the 5/4 favourite to take over from Rafael Benitez next season, but most Chelsea fans would surely be much happier if the Special One makes a hero’s return to Stamford Bridge, and it would seem the current price of 15/8 available looks good value if Campo is correct in his prediction.

Campo, who also played for Bolton in the Premiership for five years, was asked outright if he thought Mourinho would be Chelsea’s next manager, and he replied: “Probably, because he’s said many times he’d like to manage a very good team in England when he finishes his contract with Real Madrid.

“If Jose Mourinho wins the Champions League, in my personal opinion, next year he will be at a very big team in the Premier League, maybe with Chelsea, or, I don’t know, Tottenham.

“I don’t think, for example, he’d go to Manchester United because Sir Alex Ferguson would like to train there for his whole life, so maybe Mourinho will train next year at Chelsea.”

Personally I don’t think there is a hope in hell that he would move to Tottenham considering the history between us and them, but if he really does move to the Premiership next year, then it must surely be to Chelsea or possibly Manchester City……

  1. me_o says

    a great football club that i admire second to arsenal. but that was before mourinho’s reign. to me, mourinho is not a mananger but only a coach. that’s why we see him changing club so often. his mentality on football is all about winning. if you thinks like him then mourinho is the best choice of course.

  2. Vint says

    With exceptional young talent in Hazard, Oscar, Mata, Ramirez, Luiz etc, a Chelsea under Mourinho will be sensational! Just you wait… Fingers crossed

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