Jose Mourinho: Why I Decided Do Play Kenedy At Left-back

Robert KenedyChelsea went back to winning ways when they ended up winners in their English Premier League encounter against Norwich City on Saturday and although fans were surprised at seeing Kenedy at left-back, it turned out fine for Mourinho as they won the match and the player was not so bad and in fact was one of the best players on the pitch.

Mourinho however explained why he went with this line-up when he was confronted later as he explained that, “He’s an attacking player, he was playing in a position where he wasn’t really a left-back.

We were ready for them to come and play with four at the back, which they did, but we were also ready for them to play with five at the back which they did against Man City, so I wanted to have a player in that position who could adapt to both situations.”

If they played with five at the back I would have played with three at the back and used Kenedy as a left winger. When they came with four we knew what we had to do.

[But] I think everybody played well; between Eden, Pedro and Willian they had a good dynamic.

Eden created chances for us which was important, and also for his confidence. Again, he’s a player who hasn’t been performing especially well and every top player who isn’t playing well feels it more than the others.

Maybe the Portuguese manager has finally found his working tactic, time will tell.

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