Jose Mourinho’s Likely Replacement Already Learning English Ahead Of Potential Chelsea Move, He is Young and Vibrant

Jose Mourinho2

Despites recent reports claiming that Diego Simeone may not be ready to move to Chelsea, the Telegraph has stated that the Simeone is being heavily linked with a move to Chelsea and it is now reported that his trusted assistant German Burgos is learning English ahead of a potential switch.

Jose Mourinho’s job security is seriously at risk at Stamford bridge after his team succumbed to their seventh defeat in the English Premier league this season on Saturday as they played against Stoke City without their manager in the stands but in a nearby hotel watching his team suffer due to a match ban.

The Blues now sit in the 16th position on the English Premier League table and have been nothing short of woeful this season despite being the defending Champions of the Barclays Premiership Title.

Specualtions are rife that Mourinho could be axed at any moment the club owner feels angry enough at their terrible results.

The Telegraph reports that Simeone is the one on Roman Abramovich’s mind to replace Mourinho and his trusted assistant Burgos is now learning the English language and this could be enough to show that his boss could be considering a future move to the top-flight.

Chelsea fans may be vehemently fighting this news and claiming that they still trust their manager but the truth is that Burgos would not be learning a new language if he does not need it for any reason. Why not learn it before now? Just saying.

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