Kalou – Chelsea can win title without Modric

Chelsea’s Solomon Kalou says that his club don’t need to make any big transfers this summer in order to win trophies again. The Stamford Bridge management are doing their very best to sign Luka Modric but are meeting with heavy resistance from Tottenham.

Speaking in the Daily Mirror he said: “It is up to the manager to decide who to bring in but we know we have the quality in the team to win the league. There is quality in the squad and now we have to play together. We have to keep going and I believe in the players.”

He continued: “There is a new manager, new challenge and a new chance for everyone and the one who shows better desire and quality will play. We are really confident and we are looking to win back the Premier League. It won’t be easy because of teams like Man City and Man United and Arsenal always present.”

Meanwhile Villas-Boas has said there won’t be radical changes at the club. The Daily Mirror quoted him as saying: “I am still evaluating things at the moment. It is not that I have to change things radically and I will take it step by step. I think it is pretty obvious that we will go into the market at one time or the other but not with radical changes to the team.”

Chelsea have been interested in the likes of Neymar and Modric but so far have been unable to sign any of their big summer targets.

  1. dave says

    Who told this good for nothing to speak since you came what have you done

  2. Wizzyblack says

    Mr Kalou,with all due respect i say you’re senseless and empty barrel making so much noise. What is your impact in the team,i wanna know. What is your problem with incoming players.

  3. Tarquine, Kisumu says

    Whose mouthpiece is he” kalou” ? I hate yu for this woman talk.

  4. bajatta says

    kalou is very right , we should use are academy !

  5. hassan lukman says

    it is annoying 2 hear ds never do well still talkin as if he has contributed meaningfully 2 d success of d team,kalou is simply a beneficiary of d rot at chelsea if nt he shuld av been thrown overboard long long tym ago,can someone tell ds flop 2 concentrate on hw 2 improve hs game and leave d board 2 decide on who 2 join d team.

  6. Ebenco says

    Mr kalou! Am very sorry to tell u dat u’re very stupid for ur comment,since u’re not d one spend money every season u can’t be bordered.

  7. Veritas says

    Salomon is drinking the koolaid again…he must not have watched the Pompey friendly…or he’s trying to get on AVB’s good side and wheedle-out a spot on the starting XI.

  8. adesanya adex says

    mr. kalou what u need is to go to heaven 2 see baba GOD 4 more money.if u don’t play 4 Chelsea is left 4 u.

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