Kalou – We just have to forget Man Utd and get three points from Liverpool

The Ivorian striker Salomon Kalou thinks that Chelsea just have to forget any pressure from Man Utd being right behind them in the title race, and just have to make sure that they take all three points at Anfield against Liverpool, thus making the Man Utd game irrelevant.

“I think we have to win. There’s two games to go and there’s no other way of going about it,” said Kalou.

“If you want to keep your chance at your end, you have to win every game.

“I hope United will go to Sunderland and drop points, but you can only focus on your own game. If we take the three points against Liverpool, we don’t need to worry about what United will do.

“Anfield will be a difficult journey but we will be very motivated and know that if we win there, everything will be in our hands at home against Wigan.”

That is the Chelsea mantra at the moment “It is in our hands”, and they are absolutely right. Another performance like last week’s and we will keep the advantage into the final week of the campaign.

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