Kalou's party – Chelsea to sue over "false claims"

Chelsea have released an official announcement over the reports in the media suggesting that the players spent over £120,000 on a boozy party for the birthday of Salomon Kalou.

They say that they will be taking advice from lawyers over the “false claims” which were widely published in the media.

The Statement on the official Chelsea website read: “Further to media reports that have appeared alleging that Chelsea players attending Salomon Kalou’s birthday party on Wednesday night spent £120,000 on drinks, the club and the players totally deny the facts and implications of these reports.

“None of the Chelsea players spent these extravagant sums.

“Whilst many players attended their team-mate’s party, it was in fact hosted and generously paid for by friends of Salomon and even then the sums involved have been greatly exaggerated.

“We are consulting our lawyers on behalf of Chelsea and the players and it is guaranteed that formal complaints will follow against those media outlets which published these false claims.”

Interestingly enough the Daily Mail has removed the offending article from their website, so they are obviously taking the threat seriously!

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