Lampard – Ancelotti needn't be concerned about Mourinho

Frankie Lampard was asked in an interview if he thought that new boss Carlo Ancelotti would have a problem with following the massive success that Jose Mourinho had in his few years at Chelsea, and Frank responded by saying that there shouldn’t be a problem, because Ancelotti has already been more successful, winning two Champions League trophies already!

“Jose was the man in charge during what was an amazing period in Chelsea’s history and maybe only now we fully realise what a special time it was,” said Lampard.

“We hadn’t won the league for 50 years. We had a team of very good individuals but we didn’t win things.

“He added some players but the most important thing was the confidence he instilled in us as a team.

“It was that little bit of magic which rubbed off on the whole club. We all felt a lot stronger when he came in and we achieved together three years of success that is unequalled at Chelsea.

“But I don’t think Ancelotti will have any issue with stepping out of Mourinho’s shadow whatsoever. Ancelotti has come to us having won the Champions League twice, and the Italian league.

“He’s worked at the highest level and is respected as being one of the top coaches in the world. I don’t think it’s fair to say he has anyone else’s reputation to concern himself about.

“If we can win the Premier League or the Champions League this year he’ll have been a success in his own right and no one will be asking that question.”

It’s good to see one of our best players supporting the new coach. If Ancelotti already has the respect of the team then he is halfway to making them into worldbeaters.

I just hope to God that we don’t end up with another Scolari situation this season.

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