Lampard – “I Like Being At The Top”


Frank Lampard is not getting any younger and is now 33 years old. He has been preparing for his 11th season at Stamford Bridge, but he insists that despite his ageing years he still has plenty to offer.

Speaking to the Sun newspaper he said, “I think the age thing has changed. People are pretty quick to write you off once you get into your 30s, but they have proved to be a lot of players’ best years.”

 He used Manchester United’s Ryan Giggs as a prime example saying, “Ryan Giggs was outstanding against us in the Champions League quarter-final last season – and in a lot of other games – at 37 years old.”

 Lampard still has a hunger for the game and he went on to say, “If you look after yourself, keep motivated, which is very important, know your body, do the right things, and manage yourself well, then you can certainly have your best years in your 30s.”

 After 10 years at the top many players start to fade away and end their careers at a lower level, but not Lampard. He said, “I’d still enjoy playing if it were at Sunday league level, but I like the cut-throat mentality at this level, where you have to keep on top of your game no matter what because, if you drop, you’re out of it. That’s what drives me on, I like being at the top.

 As long as Frank remains fit he is sure to be part of Chelsea’s plans for the next couple of years, and who knows maybe many more. Just don’t let Christine tire you out too much Frank!


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