Lampard – It's harder to defend a title than win it!

The Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard says that the team’s aims are the same as every other season, but thinks it will be more difficult to win the title again this year, as everyone will be desperate to beat them!

He said: “The expectations ­remain the same.

“You know when you are going into a new campaign with Chelsea that you are under pressure to deliver.

“Given all the investment in the side and the progress we have made since Roman Abramovich bought the club, it’s understandable that the owner and supporters want to see a winning side on the pitch. Winning the Double last season was a huge achievement for the club.

“It will arguably go down as the best year in Chelsea’s history.

“But the onus is on us to sustain that success.

“­Defending the title is ­always harder because ­everyone is out to beat you.

Actually Frank, I think every team wanted to beat us last year as well!

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