Lampard – Man City can spend, spend, spend, but you can't buy chemistry!

Chelsea star Frank Lampard is not worried about Chelsea’s lack of activity in the transfer market, as he feels that the squad is more than capable of challenging for all the top trophies with the players they already have, and he is not yet worried about Man City’s millions buying them instant success.

“I don’t think it is a necessity now for us to go out and spend a ridiculous amount of money trying to find the perfect signing,” Lampard said to the Sunday Mirror.

“Of course, there’s a couple of players out there who would add a lot to this team.

“But there are millions of players who would not add much to this squad because we are so strong across the board.”

He added: “Manchester City are buying big, spending a lot of money, bringing in quality players. But whether they can all gel together straight away remains to be seen. While you can spend, spend, spend, the one thing you can’t buy is chemistry.

“I remember when Roman Abramovich first came to Chelsea. It was a similar situation, but we didn’t win the league in the very first season, we came second with Claudio Ranieri.

“Then Jose Mourinho came in and we won back-to-back titles – which shows it can be done, but it does take a bit of time.

“You need the right manager and a period of time for him to work and for the team to gel.

“It’s not about individuals coming in and acting like individuals. It’s about putting them all together in a team and making it work, making it hum. And it remains to be seen if City are capable of doing that.

“You can buy success, but only if you buy the right players, players who are good on the pitch and good off it. That’s the important thing.

“That’s what we have had at Chelsea over the years. We’ve had great success in some seasons and not so much success in others – you learn from it.

“You learn it’s about building a team rather than having a load of individuals in there.”

Well said Frankie, it will take a long time to bring all those egos into line, as shown by Robinho’s hot-and-cold performances last season. What will be the reaction of Carlos Tevez or Emanuel Adebayor when they find themselves left on the bench?

I can see a few stars will have to be taken down a peg or two before Mark Hughes can build himself a team ready to challenge Chelsea or Man Utd.

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  1. Richie says

    I just said the same thing on another post. Great minds think alike Frank!

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