Lampard – Of course Chelsea need to play better!

The Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard is under no illusions that Chelsea have been below par in their last two games, the defeat at Wigan and the difficult 1-0 win in Nocosia, but he is sure the team can get back on track against Liverpool. The main thing is for the team not to panic, and to keep things in perspective.

‘We have only lost one game all season. At Wigan we didn’t play well at all but this time we have come away and it wasn’t an easy game and we won. You never have a season where you are flying every game and when you don’t play so well, you have to try to win games.

‘The first half we were in control of the game but we could have been a bit more forceful in the final third. The second half, to be fair to APOEL, they came out and gave us a tough game.

‘Of course we will need to play better on Sunday. Liverpool lost in the Champions League so they will be coming with something to prove as well.’

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