Lampard – Rooney will keep us on our toes in South Africa!

The Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard says that the Man Utd striker Wayne Rooney is the live-wire in the England camp, and will stop the rest of the team from being bored in their hotel rooms in-between matches in South Africa.

He said: “Wayne Rooney is full of energy and not just on the pitch.

“Some players go back to their rooms and watch films all day, but Rooney is never in his room!

“He’s always bouncing around chatting to people, having his bit of fun. I’m sure he’s desperate to get out there.

“He’ll talk about anything. He loves talking about football but he’ll talk about anything and everything.

“You need people like that in the camp because it’s not easy being stuck in a hotel all day. He’s the main character – you can always hear his voice.”

“I certainly want to keep up with the mood outside our camp – I don’t like the idea of being cut off completely from the outside world!

“We’ve got our laptops, so we’re on the internet. We’re allowed things like that – it’s not a complete army camp.”

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