Lampard says Terry has the right to choose Man City over Chelsea

Frank Lampard has decided to publicly announce that John Terry should have the right to choose to join Man City, and Chelsea fans should respect his decision.

In an article in The Times Frank said:

“I don’t know what he will do,”

“I’ve been in John’s position, but everyone at the club wants him to stay. I had an option to leave last summer, to go with a manager I love, but it came at a time in my life that just wasn’t right.

“But that made me think an awful lot. I don’t think people should criticise John. The fact is that you can never take away what he has done for Chelsea. He’ll always be a legend.

“I hope and I’m confident that, whatever happens, he will continue to be considered a legend here.”

“People should respect his right to choose,” he said. “When you’re a successful player these kind of things are going to happen and then you have to make a decision.

“John’s a very honourable man and it doesn’t come down to money and things like that. I know John, I know he’ll be thinking about what’s the right thing to do as a player and, in the longer term, for his career. This is not just about money and people shouldn’t try to make it so black and white.”

Should Terry still be considered a Chelsea legend if he leaves? Or will the fans never forgive him?

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