Lampard – We need to be confident, but not get complacent!

The Chelsea star midfielder Frank Lampard is really happy that the team has started well, and thinks that it is good that there hasn’t been many changes over the summer months.

“Continuity is nice, especially when you have won a double but you do want to add to it and make it better although at the same time you don’t want to add to it and make it worse,” Lampard said.

“There is an element of keeping what you’ve got and only adding if you are adding better or good squad players.

“Five first-team squad players have left but we have started off very well and we have to keep that going. If we get injuries to big players we hope we have got the cover there.”

He was then asked if winning the Double had had a beneficial effect on the team. “I don’t know about individually, everyone is a bit different. But as a group the double certainly has an effect on collective confidence,” he said.

“That is a big positive but the negative is if people think we have won the double, let’s rest on our laurels.

“It is very important to keep the confidence but make sure that you never get the feeling that we can easily do that again. The moment you think that then you won’t win anything else, so it is a balancing act.”

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