Lampard would handle the ball for England same as Henry did for France

Frank Lampard has admitted publicly what 90% of professional footballers secretly think to themselves and that is that they would handle the ball if it meant England qualifying for the world cup.

Lampard is far from dumb and he knows more than anyone else the price of failure when he dons an England top and admits that he would be lynched if he owned up handling the ball like some have demanded that Henry should have done.

Asked straight out if he would have owned up to the ref Lamps said

“You know, I probably wouldn’t say anything!

“I felt a bit sorry for Henry, because it was an instinctive action.

“I think it’s probably easier to own up after the game. At least you’re through then! That is probably the wrong thing to say, isn’t it? But if I did own up and it cost us the game, I would probably be lynched when I got back to England”

We don’t like Henry at all, always found him arrogant and a bit of a mummy’s boy but this article is not about Henry, it is about the courage of Lamps to come out and say what most footballers think but are too scared to admit.

Lamps continues to show his class and England are lucky to have him and from a personal point of view I agree with him 100%

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