Liverpool v Chelsea extended highlights – Liverpool condemned to Europa Cup

I now have the extended highlights from the game that must surely have won Chelsea the Premiership title. And it means that Liverpool have finished out of the top five for the first time under Rafael Benitez.

Benitez summed up an awful season at Anfield after the game. He said: “It’s not the best. Everyone was expecting us to be at the top of table and to be contenders but we had too many problems and we couldn’t.

“We were in the semi-final of the Europa League on Thursday and had a difficult game today – you could see the problems that we had.

“Today was a game similar to the others, we didn’t have many options to react.

“We have to do almost everything perfect for it to be better, if we make one or two mistakes then we don’t have the possibility to react.”

“You have to be disappointed when you can’t win and you are not close to the top four, but we have guaranteed we are in Europe, so that’s a positive.”

“We had to say thank you to our fans,” he continued. “It’s been a very difficult season and they were supporting the team.

“We have to say thank you for their support because it has been more difficult this year than in other years.”

They were extremely disappointing yesterday, but who can stop Chelsea when they are in such fantastic form?

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