Liverpool v Chelsea highlights – Gerrard sets up Drogba!

This was the final test for Chelsea to prove that they were worthy winners of the Premier League. After beating Man Utd and Arsenal home and away, and Liverpool at home, they were looking to make a clean sweep of the other three teams in the “Big Four”

The game started very tamely, and both teams looked nervous. Liverpool still had a (very) slim chance of making the top four so Rafael Benitez kept saying that they would make a fight of it, but once Steven Gerrard gifted Didier Drogba the first goal, it was plain sailing for the Blues.

Once Lampard slotted in the second from close range the game was over as a contest, and Chelsea now just need to beat Wigan at home to claim their first title since Jose Mourinho left.

Watch out for a sure penalty for Chelsea turned down just before half-time.

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  1. peter says

    the game was rigged, chelsea and liverpool should both get investigated, gerrard who is a world class player should may a well hang up his boots for placing the ball ans setting up drogba, and lampard is a total looser, liverpool and chelsea are a big disgrace.

  2. Blue4Life says

    typical comment from man####er united fan

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