Malouda – Chelsea's diamond system will take them to Finals

The Chelsea winger Florent Malouda is confident that Chelsea can keep their confidence and push on to win games, even when they are put under pressure like against Porto.

‘Sometimes we are pushing and sometimes the opponent team is pushing us,’ says Malouda, ‘but we still have to play our game and that is what will bring us to the last steps in the competitions.’

‘The manager is trying to improve all the small details when we prepare for a game, we are trying to control every aspect of the game and he is insisting that we try to keep the confidence even when it is hard, as you saw in the last 10 minutes against Porto.

‘We kept the same organisation and the same discipline and indeed that is why we didn’t concede any goals.’

‘It is positive for the attitude when you keep on winning and when you get the results you work hard. We have quality players but you can see when it is difficult everybody is making the runs, doing the dirty work, which is why we get the result sometimes.’

‘When we were attacking, because Ashley [Cole] goes forward and tries to find the space in their box, I try to keep the balance and stop the counter attack. Especially when we don’t have the ball I try to make it two against one to defend very well.

‘It is a bit hard because you have to run a lot but I am happy to do it because we are winning this way.

‘We have a system everybody knows and when we play against a team who defends very well we have to try to find the space,’ he continues. ‘That comes with movement and in that movement, every player has to move into the space and you need the compensation You need players who think about when we lose the ball and keep the balance.

‘That is what we are trying to improve this year, all the details when we lose the ball, especially when you play against a team at home who play the counter attack.’

It certainly seems to be working so far this season. Can Chelsea make it six out of six against their arch-rivals Tottenham?

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